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March 30, 2016
best nootropic stack for studying Stuck on deciding if and what brain supplements to pick? Not an uncommon situation; together with the incredible amount of cognitive enhancers around nowadays, it's difficult to see the forest over the trees. While doing research on brain supplements though, there exists probably going to be one name that happens often as an advised brain supplement for freshies: piracetam.

Piracetam, a derivative on the naturally occurring neurotransmitter GABA, is regarded as the ancient of most artificial nootropics, yet it's still one on the most common used enhancers nowadays. When it was initially designed within the mid 1960's, scientists were amazed at its' impressive cognitive improving potential. Nonetheless, scientists had no clue for what the possible molecular mechanisms were for your observed cognitive improvement, but long ago (but still now) it didn't stop anyone from trying out different substances and observing the resulting effects, eventually producing the discovery of piracetam.

It was initially used for clinical purposes inside the 70's and from the time it has been used in clinical purposes inside a wide variety of cases, which range from the treatment of alcoholism and schizophrenia, to numerous other cases of cognitive impairment. But previously people were already struck by piracetam's great results on healthy people.

More interesting could very well be piracetam's effects on healthy people. These effects include improved memory functioning, improved learning, lower depression, an improved communication involving the two brain hemispheres, which is even declared that piracetam inhibits the aging process from the brain, allowing your mind to maintain an optimal condition. Quite an outstanding list of features! Oh maybe it was mentioned that piracetam lowers alcohol's damaging effects? And all that without the noted negative side-effects.

Big question for you is; consider some of the mechanisms of action liable for this amazing number of results?

Truth is, the mechanisms of action accountable for piractam's effects are even nowadays still not completely understood. Some in the knowledge we've got of piracetam informs us the following though: it can be understood that piracetam interacts having a certain sort of receptor within the neurons, causing a modulation of ion channel and ion carriers, that can cause the neuron to get in a sort of 'excited' or facilitated state. This might be responsible for your 'general' cognitive enhancement induced by piracetam.

Furthermore, this brain supplement also raises the functioning of several neurotransmitter systems, such as cholinergic system (composed of acetylcholine reactions, to blame for memory formation) and also the glutamatergic system (by functioning on certain glutamate receptors liable for learning and memory). Yep, piracetam is certainly quite the all-rounder among brain supplements, the way it moreover also increases the circulation cognitive enhancer of blood and oxygen consumption to particular parts in the brain.

If this wasn't enough, recent reports indicate that piracetam might exert its' results through restoring the braincells' membrane fluidity. These studies also found out that piracetam caused a rise of 20% within the number of synapses in rat brains, showing that piracetam plays a role in a greater synaptic plasticity, also is linked to improved memory formation.

All in most, piracetam looks like the perfect all-rounder brain supplement. Especially with no observed negative side-effects by any means, this brain supplement may seem like the perfect supplement for starters for those new into 'brain optimization.'

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